Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The "You're Welcomers"..

Let me start by saying that I don't often dine in those high class restaurants, where prices are ridiculously high and serving portions are disappointingly small. So on top of being amused by the 3 glasses and 6 pieces of cutlery, I am also distracted by the differences in how the waiters/waitresses behave.

The type that my family and I find most interesting are the "You're Welcomers", who seem to have strict scripts to follow when dealing with their high-class customers (plus us :P). Almost all waiters (consider it to cover males/females) are very, very polite. Some are able to laugh at a joke. But it becomes so boring and unmeaning (can't think of the word) when you thank them for refilling a glass of water unasked, then mum and/or dad will thank them for taking the plates, and all we ever get in response is 'You're Welcome'. It doesn't matter how we word it, its all we get.

Compare this to the waiter we got at the restaurant we attended tonight: He was an extremely genuine and friendly chap who managed to always be around when needed (but not too much), yet was able to understand and properly react to jokes without being bound with a need to act all 'high class'. It is of no concern to me if he doesn't properly put his hand behind his back when pouring a drink, just that he makes our dining more enjoyable. He did this with ease, and it therefore made tipping something we wanted to do, instead of a compulsory nuisance.

So, thats a more topical blog which will hopefully be much more interesting to read than a "i did this then this then this" type. But I will conclude by saying that we're leaving for the Fairmont at Lake Louise tomorrow to spend New Years, which should be absolutely fantastic! We'll likely be sking there too :D Check it out: - it looks so magical!!

Anyway, if I don't update this beforehand, I hope you have a great New Years wherever you may be!!!



  1. I like this post Jono (: hope ur having fun at Lake Louise and you put your feet in the water for good luck! (if its at all possible)

  2. Interesting observation, Jono. I do wonder what it is you expect them to say. Whenever someone says thank you to me (although I never do anything for anyone), I will respond with 'You're welcome.' Or F**k off, depending on who it is :) I like the fact that all they say is 'You're welcome' and then leave, it allows me to continue on with the conversation. There is nothing worse than waiters that constantly say something to you. All I want is one that will take my order and keep filling my glass- if they do that, I will tip them.

    The cutlery you will notice is different sizes- start from the outside and work in, except at one restaurant where we started from the inside- very confusing. Generally, the sizes will increase until the main, and then decrease towards the dessert. The reason the portions are small is because there are at least 3 and up to 5 courses. If you have ever tried to eat 5 courses that are the size of a Burger King meal, you will see why each course is relatively small.

    Have fun at Bishop's, although it will be difficult to have fun without me :)

  3. Hey Jono!
    Well, i'm tempting to ask: What the hell?! It's not because Marci is gone now that you have to stop writing in your "blog" :)
    Come on!!
    Like this article by the's so true!
    The Frenchie, Elsa.